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Default Re: Ratbird fans already talking shit

Originally Posted by SteelCurtain5643 View Post
I find it humorous that a few people I know on facebook who are ratbird fans are already talking shit. Saying their superbowl run begins tonight blah blah blah. These fans make me sick. All they do is talk shit and when the time comes to actually win a meaningful game, they choke and lose and have nothing to say. The only thing they have to celebrate is when they actually beat pittsburgh they celebrate like they won the super bowl. They need to actually win something for once and then they can talk shit. That said, I hope the Bungoles kick their ass tonight.
Heh, at least we didn't start the shit talking BEFORE the season (see steelers thread "superbowl or bust" article): "Status quo, the rooney family runs their franchise seamlessly." I'll say.

Superbowl or Bust.
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