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Default Re: Stupid squeeler fans...

Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
ah, a bungal fan who couldnt take alittle fun and heat over in his own forum from the enemy had to come and play alittle. Welcome to SF, I see your intelligence is about a mute point as your QB's talent.

You chad johnson comment... Just because he talks a good game now, doesnt mean when the chips are down, he's not gonna hold out like everyone else. Just remember, this is the same guy that asks for money from the fans just so he can break the rules of the NFL and be a pompus ass fool in front of the millions who are watching the game. If that isnt ego driven I dont know what is.

Spikes and Dillon were the only talent your team had for nearly a your sudden lack of support for them, after they gave their all for your worthless team for so many years, just shows us exactly how intelligent and loyal u really are NOT!

Oh, and the difference between ALMOST lost close games and actually losing close games would be the difference between the Steelers and the Bungals. We win the majority of our close games, and in the end, a W is all that matters. Nobody is perfect week in and week out, its the NFL, the best competition in the world each and every week. Why does it always seem the bungals just cant ever pull it together w/ any consistency hhmmmmm, I think the answer is as obvious as your lack of good points in this thread.

And lastly, Bettis owns Pittsburgh, this is his town, he's loved by all, and every last Steeler fan knows what he means to our city, our team, and the NFL in general. No matter what Ben accomplishes, nobody will forget what Bettis did..and neither will they forget what Ben has done as well. See, thats what we fans in the NFL and others in the league admire most, its called being a TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome again to SF, feel free to stop in and vent pointless posts anytime you like, we'll be here.

Oh an by the way, Whats in the Blast Furnace, stays in the blast furnace and does not go out into the other forums. Just an FYI, you can hype up ur team all you want here and u can bash the Steelers all you want, however pointless that is once you see the responses you'll get from our memebers, cuz it won't be pretty, here in the Blast Furnace that's why we made this forum.. so I hope you're up to the challenge.

You have no idea how many things you said in this post that truely make you look ignorant, do you?
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