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Default Re: Something is missing from this section

Call me crazy but I think it says a lot about the lack of pride the Bronco fans take in their organization and in their identity as a team when they're willing to hire Manning like some sort of mercenary to get them a few extra regular season wins (maybe).

It's like they're parasites, latching on to the Colts legacy like some sort of leech and now touting Manning as "their guy," like suddenly he's a Bronco and they've been with him through triumph and heartbreak since his first day in the NFL.

The joke is on them because Manning is only there to collect a pay check. His career is over. He isn't there for a career, or a championship, or for glory, or for a legacy. He's there for cold hard cash. Manning is a Bronco like Montana is a Chief.

And now the Bronco's completely lack an identity as a football team. Nobody cares about the Broncos right now. The Denver Broncos don't even exist in 2012. The team may as well be temporarily renamed to the Denver Manning. That's the price Bronco fans were willing to pay to get 9 wins or 10 wins instead of 8 wins, which really illustrates their desperation as a franchise to become somewhat relevant, and their lack of TRUE PRIDE in their team.

If Brady retired and Kraft and Belichick hired Manning, all of New England would be disgusted, and it would be hard to watch a single game, because Manning isn't a New England quarterback, he's a Colt, and he'll forever be a Colt, and as Patriot fans who takes great pride in who we are, and what our identity is, I don't want to bring in a mercenary to be the face of my organization.

The dirty little secret here is that Manning knows he isn't winning a single thing of any importance. He's not in Denver for a Superbowl, he's there for money. If he thought he was capable at making a Superbowl run, or thought his health would allow him to play at that level, or wanted the pressure of a team with Superbowl expectations, he would of became a 49'er.

Meanwhile, Bronco fans are beating their chest because Elway put a Colt in a Donkey uniform. Hey.... that's something... to be proud of.... i guess....

I just can't help but lose all respect for the Bronco fan base right now and all of their bravado over having Manning occupying their quarterback position. It tells me they have absolutely zero sense of self.

I see it as sort of pathetic.
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