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Default Re: U.S. Ambassador to Libya, 3 Other Embassy Staff Killed in Rocket Attack

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
So he was just a soldier in an occupying army?
Don't be daft.

The Chief of Mission -- with the title of Ambassador, Minister, or Chargé d'Affaires -- and the Deputy Chief of Mission head the mission's "country team" of U.S. Government personnel. Responsibilities of Chiefs of Mission at post also include:

Speaking with one voice to others on U.S. policy--and ensuring mission staff do likewise--while providing to the President and Secretary of State expert guidance and frank counsel;

Directing and coordinating all executive branch offices and personnel (except for those under the command of a U.S. area military commander, under another chief of mission, or on the staff of an international organization);

Cooperating with the U.S. legislative and judicial branches so that U.S. foreign policy goals are advanced; security is maintained; and executive, legislative, and judicial responsibilities are carried out;

Reviewing communications to or from mission elements;

Taking direct responsibility for the security of the mission -- including security from terrorism -- and protecting all U.S. Government personnel on official duty (other than those personnel under the command of a U.S. area military commander) and their dependents;

Carefully using mission resources through regular reviews of programs, personnel, and funding levels;

Reshaping the mission to serve American interests and values and to ensure that all executive branch agencies attached to the mission do likewise; and

Serving Americans with professional excellence, the highest standards of ethical conduct, and diplomatic discretion.

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