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Default Re: U.S. Ambassador to Libya, 3 Other Embassy Staff Killed in Rocket Attack

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
And it's back to bu, bu, bu bush.

We wouldn't want a president that acted stupidly would we.
If Obama is accountable for some tweet that went out of the embassy in Cairo before the freaking attacks occurred then it is helpful to check on whether those sorts of statements have occurred before

This campaign talking point about "apologies" is part of the same nonsense that pretends deficits, expansion of health care and attempting to respond to insults to Muslims never occurred prior to January 20, 2009, when the White House was under prior management

As far as the Gipper goes, I voted for him but bombing Libya wasn't the only thing that occurred in the Middle East on his watch

25 years later, bombing in Beirut still resonates

If that happened on Obama's watch Paul Ryan would be introducing articles of impeachment

My point is that sh*t constantly happens to the U.S. in the Middle East and not just when the Democrats occupy the White House
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