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Default Re: U.S. Ambassador to Libya, 3 Other Embassy Staff Killed in Rocket Attack

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
We have looked in vain for an “apology” in the Cairo statement, as well as significant differences between that statement and earlier ones. One could criticize the Cairo statement for lacking a meticulous defense of freedom of speech. But that is not the same thing as an apology — especially since the embassy clearly issued the statement long before the protests began.

This all started because some people got the timeline wrong. In the fog of war and protest, it often helps to get the facts straight before you act — or speak. [/I]

Nah - shoot first then aim
cmon dan, you dont wanna ruin a perfectly good GOP circle jerk with facts now do you?

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
And it's back to bu, bu, bu bush.

We wouldn't want a president that acted stupidly would we.

is it also obamas fault that regan was a horrible actor?

so ronald bombed a terrorist's house and missed the target and is applauded by the GOP. clinton bombed a terrorists house and missed and is demonized by the same people?

makes sense to me.

both said terrorists were eradicated during obamas watch. moral of the story is not to send in a bush to clean up and do the dirty work (unless its nut hugging the saudi arabs).
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