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Originally Posted by TheWretchedMass
Fucking squeelers...

You dumb bitches think the bengals have a "me" mentailty...WHAT THE FUCK?

Everytime Chad J. is interviewed is always has super positive about his teammates and how they are goin' all the one, one time. It is also not chads fault that THE MEDIA has picked him to be the unofffical player you all should know with Ben (RB's & D do the damage while Ben gets his dick sucked every week) Go watch the recent chad interview on and get a fucking clue. Also you should try reading (if any of you can) the latest news about Chad and Drew R. - Quotes: "I control my agent, My agenst does not control me" "You can't think about money and playing ball at the same time" "If the people upstairs think I deserve more money then we'll talk, but until then I'll work even harder than before"
The "me" mentality was something that was an issue in the 90's like someone said before, hw had coaches who listened to what the fans wanted and players who knew the orginization sucked, so why not take advantage of...Like Takeo Spikes, Like the Fuck head Corey want "me" players, those are the "me" players...and where have they gone?....TO OTHER TEAMS. CINCINNATI AND MARVIN LEWIS WILL NOT ACCEPT A "ME" MENTALITY...THEY ARE A TEAM. Marvin only says it everytime you hear him talk...fucking idiots.

Quit whining because your fucking owner doesn't give 2 shits about the players and just cares about how much money is being deposited into his bank account.

You faggots don't deserves a website because you're all so fucking stupid.
I think you had a bad experience as a child with a steelers fan wretch.....maybe you should consult uncle Scott about this. :D
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