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Default Re: Ravens Blames The Refs

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
I don't know about the Ravens but I do know the Patriots had a game winning TD brought back on a phantom holding call in the final minute of the game.

These officials are horrible. The entire season is tarnished now. The Patriots got screwed. Goodell has ruined football and he's ruining America.

I'm so disgusted right now.

The 2012 season is over. It's blemished forever.
Your team lost to Arizona at home after the Cardinals tried to give the game away in the last 2 minutes

See my comment regarding the Ravens as to whom the Patriots should blame for that

Pats fan boy Bill Simmons has a better perspective

Bill SimmonsVerified ‏@sportsguy33

I think that may have been the single dumbest minute of the Belichick era. Can't even fathom the logic there.
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