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Default Re: Week 2 Gameday Thread: Jets @ Steelers 9/16/12

Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
We have the WORST CBs in the NFL. This sucks
Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
While you are worried about the offense, Mark Sanchez took his team 90 yards like they werent even there. Steelers defense is toast. Ike Taylor's career ended in Denver in January and Keenan Lewis couldnt cover me and I ran a 4.8 40 in my prime, and my prime ended 10 years ago.
Originally Posted by NYC_Steeler View Post
I've said it over and over again, but a bunch of yahoos disagree with me: Ike Taylor sucks beyond belief. If it's not a pass interferance call, it's a blown play.
Originally Posted by Drizztbob View Post
Ike Taylor as usual, worst cb in league. I hate that no talent waste is space.
Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
Wow, 45 min to throw the ball. No run stopping, this defense is terrible.
Originally Posted by Drizztbob View Post
I wish th steelers would figure out Ike Taylor is dead weight and lose his ass.
Originally Posted by TRH View Post
we keep saying "this defense SUCKS!", "this defense is horrible..."........yet every week on this forum you read the same garbage saying how "oh, well, ya know, they're not that bad and they'll come out of it, blah, blah, blah, blah.......", apologizing for them like there's no tomorrow.
They're freakin' terrible. Stupid penalties, Can't cover. Can't stop run. LB's might as well not even be playing (they're invisible). Can't force fumbles. Can't intercept passes. Horrendous.
People were making fun of media analysts for thinking we could go 6-10, but at this rate...we'll be LUCKY if we do that good.

And i agree with the above poster. The NFL has completely figured us out. Hell, we don't even give confusing looks anymore. What the heck happened to all of that?
Major changes needed on this side of the ball. BIG changes.
...8 pages of this moronic bullshit.

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
What primadonnas you people are. The defense is fine and will only get better, just like last year.
no doubt.

all this panic and overreaction cause the team allowed an opening td drive and a fg after that.

228 total yards given up. 10 points allowed matched what the steelers averaged at home last season.
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