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Default Re: A Texan, An Arab & a Guy From Michigan

Originally Posted by BBC
Whatever man, I don't care to know the full situtation between you two, I'm sure it is a very long story. You're both great posters, but it seems that whenever you are in the same thread, it just becomes a bunch of bickering back and forth between each other.
I'll give you the Cliff's notes. He's supposed to stay out of my threads, and I'm supposed to stay out of his, as per the mods. Not censorship, not playing favorites, just stay out of each others threads. He's already been given one 3 day vacation over this, and yet he continues to disrespect the board, it's rules, and the very clearly defined wishes of the owner and moderators.

It's SUCH a simple request, but, due to some personal problems of his, he finds it impossible to, sadly, I'm afraid until he either complies or is banned, you'll simply have to suffer along with the rest of us in the interim.
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