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Default Re: Official "Our Defensive Line Sucks" Thread

Click on those buttons for awile,
..., #1 NFL Defense 2011 reg season, ..., all the way back to 05, and you'll quickly see how consistent and "#1" the Steelers "D" has really been.
Our "O", on the hand hand, has been roughly a consistent #9 <->13 ??? up/down a lot.

Don't get me wrong though, it's just stats, and I feel yours', and others' pain offensively, and there is nothin' I'd like better than to finnaly see an "O" that has been as consistently "worthy" as our "D" has been, over the YEARS. !
Hence why Ariens is finally out, and Haley, and the RUN, with new Offensive adjustments will do the trick. Hopefully our "O" will atleast be a more consistent #3+ for the awile.

If anything, maybe an "Official "Our Offensive Line Sucks" Thread" should have gone up here, long ago, but I for one, am glad nobody did that.

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