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Default Re: Ravens Blames The Refs

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Dan, do you see Ravens stickers in Atl? Here in SC it's Steelers followed by Panthers, Dallas and GB. I have never seen a Raven's bumpersticker here.
Steelers seem to be the most prevelant non-Falcons license plate frame/sticker in Atlanta, although I usually pay attention when I see those. Cowboys & Packers appear from time to time with a few Saints stickers (I even saw a Bengals license plate frame on a Mercedes SL 550 once during the offseason and wondered if the car was being driven by a Bengals player). I can never recall seeing Ravens tags on a vehicle in Atlanta

The continuing appeal of the Cowboys outside of Dallas shows Jerry Jones is pretty good at marketing a myth that has not won anything significant since the mid-1990s

My test of nationwide appeal is the fans that show up for road games - when I have attended Steelers and Cowboys games in Atlanta the crowd has been 25 - 33% Steelers & Cowboys fans - when I went to the Ravens-Falcons regular season Thurdsday night game here there were few Ravens fans
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