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Default Random Week 2 Thoughts

If i was in vegas I wouldve taken every dime i brought to vacation with and placed it on the Patriots, no matter how big the point spread was. in fact, if I had millions to blow like floyd mayweather jr. i woulda dropped a cool million like it was nothing. i thought this was the most sure bet in the past 5 years. i woulda been crying by halftime.

the cardinals have won 9 of their last 11 games. ray horton is proving to be one hell of a coordinator., and it looks like lebeaus defensive scheme is startting to catch up to belichicks offense.

RGIII is going to be fun to watch for years to come. like mike vick w/o the appearant frustrations (with reads) and jail sentence.

no defensive player has been jacked up by a small receiver like sean lee since hines ward broke rivers jaw. ironic that golden tate was so strongly compared to hines ward by steelerfans coming out of notre dame. we settled for mike wallace.

cam newton has the smallest ears to ever grow on a full sized man. he looks exactly like shrek. a skinny, nice toothed having, brown skinned shrek.

eli manning throws one hell of a ball. i believe he is elite.

i wanna punch deion sanders and snuff cigarettes out in my ears everytime i hear him sing "i believe in eli" or CAAAAAAAM. he sounds like such an attention whoring idiot bug i guess enough people like it for the network and his producers to put up with that shit.

was suprised to see chris rose on the nfl network wrap up show, and glad to see bill cowher replace warren sapp on "inside the nfl".

did the titans even play yesterday? i dont think i saw a single highlight, but heard chris johnson followed up his 4 yard effort from last week with 13 yards on the ground this week. 200% improvement!

reggie bush carried over 25 times and had 170+ yards. will we ever know wether it is him or mario williams who was the bust in that draft? vince young says he shoulda gone #1.

ravens, tampa bay, and washington had no business losing.

BAL vs PHI & DET vs SF were incredibly boring games to watch. DEN vs ATL has that old school MNF marquis match-up of the week feel to it. im looking forward to watching manning w/o a biassed eye and hatred for the broncos (even though the broncos remind me of puke). ATL lost their starting CB this week for the year and bring in ashanti samuel to replace him in the line up. if you listen to this board, ike taylor couldnt start for ATL, DEN, or any other team for that matter...
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