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Default Re: Random Week 2 Thoughts

Losing Hernandez in the 1st quarter was obviously a huge blow to our offense and is probably more for us than losing just one great player. Chances are it throws our offensive play book right out the window

I don't know if you watched the game but it looked like a preseason experiment, If Belichick has such great faith in McDaniels than so do I but someone needs to let him know the games count now.

He obviously wants Lloyd to be our #1 receiver yet when Brady went into the 2 minute drill (and actually started moving the ball) I don't think he went to Lloyd once. Welker also didn't take many snaps (we don't know what's going on with this!) so wasn't a big part of the game plan, yet Brady still went for him nine times. Everytime he was on the field, whatever the game plan was, Brady looked for him.

I feel like McDaniels has (had) a vision for this offense and he's planning on implementing it come hell or high water, even at the expense of early season offensive production. I don't know what Hernandez going down does to that but it's obviously big.

My real complaint is how conservatively we played. The Patriots don't play good football when they play to not lose. They play great football when they play to humiliate.

This is not the way I wanted to go to Baltimore next week.
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