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Default Re: Random Week 2 Thoughts

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i didnt watch the pats game but it was the main game i was following on (since i like the cardinals, and like watching the patriots if theyre losing and strugglin).

i watched balt. phil. i like philly so it was a rather entertaining game somewhat, but watching baltimore makes my blood boil.

i think the patriots season gameplan was to keep welker under wraps, get teams focused on their TE's and try to unleash welker on an unsuspecting victim. you know, the kind of trickery the bonehead bruce arians thought he could always pull off.

but i wouldnt put it past them to be sending him a "we dont need you" message either to drive down his future asking price. either way, they are gonna have to lean on him alot more going forward. curious to hear how william gay and donte hightower looked...
They looked good but the real story, IMO, is Jones.
Jones is one of those guys the Steelers would of/should of loved to get. This guy was all over the quarterback. If he wasn't being held (FU replacement officials) he was getting through the offensive line in 3 seconds flat and chasing the quarterback all over the place. This guy is a game changer for the NE defense which just looks like a totally different animal this season. Watching him play, it's really hard to believe he's a rookie in his 2nd NFL game.

Defense played a great game, and if the offense played an equally great game, it would of been a blow out.

Arizona's coverage was pretty solid so I imagine Gay did well. I remember he broke up a pass to Welker that would of been big. Patriots offense really struggled until they went into 2 minute drill and then they started rolling but it was too little too late.
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