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Default Re: B. Orakpo & A. Carriker done for the year

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
this year seems extremely weird. even moreso than last. its like guys are dropping like flies, even in the preseason. hell the bungles thomas howard suffered a season ender a few days ago in practice.

last year was the lock out and thisw year is the weakest practice schedule ever (supposed to reduce injuries and lengthen careers).. i wonder if that is the main factor, or just that these players are bigger, faster, stronger.

theres no way mark sanchez shoulda gotten up from that timmons hit w/o a broken jaw or neck.
Not saying this is the case all the time but i'm curious how many injuries have taken place after plays should of been blown dead by the replacement officials.

I think it's pretty clear a lot of players are taking advantage of the officials having no idea WTF they're doing, wonder if any injuries have resulted yet because of it.

Really worried about Pollard and Lewis and his prison crew next week with these scabs on the field. Might try to throw Gronk in another figure four leg lock after a tackle.
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