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Default Re: young $ crew should take a lesson from heath

Lol racist? Sad you took it that way. Had nothing to do with appearance but their attitudes. That attitude has led other valuable recievers to be let go from this team. I'm all about being chippy, but back it up by your play not this after the whistle crap.

They are young and sometimes youth needs to be reined in by the elders. Thus the title of the thread. Sorry you took it as racist but what does that say about you?

Dan I guess that's why I like Harrison over woodley and heath over the young guys. To me that's steeler football. To me its a style of play that does its act or dance during the play not after. A sack dance is acceptable now and then because they don't happen often. But catching the ball and then acting like its a huge deal is kinda pathetic. These guys are acting like desean Jackson who I personally can't stand watching. When you start taunting the defense they win. You are now focused on them rather than your job and that levels the playing field.
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