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Default Re: young $ crew should take a lesson from heath

I remember watching the way Miami U players used to dance after big plays in the late 80's. For 20 years these "theatrics" have been apart of the game. What's the big deal?

If we are going to complain about things that go on after the whistle then what is worse, celebrating a first down or watching Kemo last year cleaning up piles? Brown has had one penalty for excessive celebration and all he did was jump in the crowd and got stuck upside down. Probably shouldn't have even been flagged as many teams do the Lambeau leap celebration.

We all have to remember that the NFL is the highest rated television product on TV. The league loves celebrations as they show a replay of almost every one. Also, these celebrations get the crowd and team fired up. Stick to college ball if you don't like it. But like I've said, it's been going on for 20 years. What time capsule did you just crawl out of?
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