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Default Re: young $ crew should take a lesson from heath

Originally Posted by austinfrench76 View Post
It's unintelligent to call the post racist. It's not racist to make an observation of someone's play regardless of color. They do need to shut up and play. Just like everyone else on the team.

Make the play, go celebrate with your teammates, but skip the stupid sideshow and self-aggrandizement. Miller, Polamalu, and Silverback are consummate professionals-- they let their actions speak for them. Kinda like the difference between the type of Christian that Polamalu is, verses the used-car salesman for God that Tebow is.

I watched Ward from his first start to the day he retired. He was the guy who I have watched through all of my prime football-watching days. I cried when he retired. He never did stupid stuff like these endzone dances, except the one time he tried to do the Ickey Shuffle and sucked, so Peezy had to punk him out. Ward's celebrations were spirited and passionate, not contrived and performed. Mosts of the time, all he had to do was smile.

You know some of these guys actually rehearse that crap in front of a mirror so they can pull it off on gameday. That is LAME.

If that's your thing that is cool. I have just never liked braggarts or when people self-advertise.

Reminds me of that old saying (sure I don't have it right): "Great men talk about ideas. Mediocre men talk about acquaintances and current events. And ignorant men talk about themselves."

As for the poor person who played the race card about the initial OP....I think your accusation says alot more about your position than it does about the OP's. Pretty sad, actually.
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