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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
It's not stupid that we didn't address a safety. We locked up two Offensive lineman, and before you even point to DeCastro's injury, it's Marcus Gilbert's fault he's on the IR in the first place. That goes for David Johnson as well.

We made the right draft picks this year all around. Safety wasn't a worry then, and it's not a worry now. We drafted Mundy in '08, and i'm sure we'll pick up a Safety at some point in the '13 draft.

This isn't Troy's last year by ANY means. He's still making an impact defensively. Hell, he caused Manning to take a timeout and nearly shit himself before the ball even snapped. He's still in the QB's head. He's still a threat.
I tend to agree they have negelected the S position behind Troy (injury prone) and Ryan Clark (love him, but not true FS, how many ints for his career? 12? For a career for a FS?). I know his value goes way beyond that. Just sayin', would be nice to have FS that can get to few balls now and again.

They have nobody, including Ryan Clark, that can make a play on the ball, who's name is not Troy. Golden showed some glimpses of that in the preseason, but who knows how that works out, right now he's practice squad material. Can't bank on it. We have no quality depth behind Troy and Clark. And NO ballhawks to speak of,

Even Troy, he's a playmaker, but not exactly a ballhawk. Ryan Mundy is a BUM! I will grant that he is a better backup SS, than FS, but he's not really very good at either spot. Unspectacular at best. Golden is the only safety on the roster that even remotely shows he has the kind of range you would like FS to have.

We need to get some young talent groomed at both S positions, and I mean somebody other than "just another warm body" Ryan Mundy.

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