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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Harrison is the big question, IMO. He's going to be owed just over 10 mil next year. If he comes back after the bye, and tears it up, then he likely stays. If he struggles, gets injured again, etc., I see him taking a big cut, or being cut outright. Of course, with the cap being tight, one can never tell just what might happen. If you had asked me last year who would get cut this offseason...Ward or Hampton, I'd have laughed and said Hampton is gone.

Troy is a whole other thing. I don't think they would cut Troy, or ask him to cut his payday, at least not by much. But he's due 10 mil next year, and 11 the year after. He DOES NOT play at an 11 million dollar level these days. I kind of expect he'll finish this contract and then retire rich.
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