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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The sidebar game is guessing who videoed Mitt - leftist mistress of one of the contributors who ponied up $50K to attend or a bitter waiter that is among the 47% that sponges off us hard working taxpayers?
definitely a member of the wait staff. after all they are the scum of the earth who's entire careers are built around accepting free handouts in the form of tips. And if your in a party of 8 or larger you are automatically taxed 15% of your meal for "gratuity"

i mean if i tip the waiter at dennys a buck for filling my coffee and asking if i want ketchup for my burger for 45 minutes, i expect to get the same and pay the same at a $50,000/plate event.

these people get $2.18 an hour mandatory salary.... if they wanted more they shoulda went to college and been an entrepreneur/doctor/stock broker.
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