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Default Re: Official "Our Defensive Line Sucks" Thread

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
our defensive line is not designed to get sacks, its designed to occupy blockers so that the LB's can make tackles. Problem is that I saw Larry Foote 5 yards deep and not scraping to the football and filling holes very much.

Gripe all you want, but our LB's are weak right now with the play of Foote and Carter. Timmons doesnt seem to be on par either. The one thing I do think is that Hampton is showing his age and Steve McLendon isnt the beast that everybody was making him out to be in the preseason.
What? I nominate Larry Foote for Defensive MVP as of right now. He seems to be the only one on our defense that is playing with any intensity and that has consistently been making plays for us.

Carter looks like a descent enough backup to get us past a few games, but not a long term solution at all.

Timmons has been okay, but not stellar.

As for the defensive line, Cam Heyward and Mclendon should be starting, with Kiesel and Hamp backing them up. Kiesel had a great season last year, but lets be honest-- both he and Hamp are on the wrong side of 30 and coming back from exploded knees. If we were thinking they would be Probowl players this year, we were not being realistic.
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