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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Originally Posted by steelfan23 View Post
I apologize for the 'sophmoric' comments. But there are opinions and then there are facts. You opine as if they are facts and that makes it a clueless statement. You ARE dead wrong as he DID run a 4.35 forty at his combine and is considered as far as I know one of the fastest safeties (at least with talent) that has ever come around. Saying he is slow or was deemed slow is just wrong because it's not true in the slightest. So that is why I felt the need to correct you. But instead of just googling the topic and finding out for yourself you say you 'may' be wrong and continue the discussion which could have been handled by finding the truth out and saying 'my bad, I stand corrected'. Not a big deal but bears repeating. When you state things as fact when it's really just your opinion you may rub people the wrong way. Truce!
1. I was wrong... my bad, I stand corrected... his forty time is listed as 4.33.

1-a. Forty time or not, the "experts" (the Mel Kiper, Jr. types) deemed him to be slow.

1-b. Q: When did I ever claim to know what his forty time was or not?

2. You act as if I attacked you personally. Why? In a thread bashing Troy, I was merely adding my two cents (i.e. that Troy's main asset is brain). I was trying to defend a player who I feel still has his main asset (his brain). Peyton's arm is not what it used to be; Troy's explosiveness is not what it used to be; but, they both have their brains.

2-a. Do you go through the threads, finding every single mis-quoted "fact" and call other posters clueless? Just wondering. Because, I am sure that if you read through this thread, there are other "facts vs. opinions" that you could find that are erroneous. Are you going to spend the rest of the day posting to these people about how clueless they are, as well... or, is it just me that you are targeting? Thus, again, you act as though I attacked you personally... why?

Again, I was wrong, Troy is slower than he used to be.
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