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Default Re: Sky still falling?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
And Mike Vick is also a dropoff from Peyton Manning...and Brandon Weeden, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Tony Romo, Matt Cassell, Jake Locker, Philip Rivers, Bob Griffin 3 etc are all a dropoff from Peyton Manning.
True. But how many are better than Sanchez? The sky isn't falling, but lets not pretend all the problems in Denver were just because they were facing Peyton Manning.

If the Steelers lose, then its all because they will not go 5 wide and try to have Ben throw it 50 times a game.
No, just don't be predictable with play-calling and don't run every first and second down because of the owner or because fans will piss and moan. To Haley's credit he got better in that regard against the Jets.
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