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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Originally Posted by steelfan23 View Post
I will try to be polite when I say this...dude you are clueless. Troy was very fast. He fell in the draft slightly due to team needs and also an injury that forced him to miss Senior Bowl and combine. He did have a pro day where he ran a 4.35 forty and had a 43 inch verticle. That is sick athleticism. I doubt there has ever been a faster safety. So you are kinda talking out your butt. Even then he was considered less than stellar in coverage and someone who took risks and bad angles. This has not been disproven up to this point. It's just his speed, quickness, and like you said, intelligence that has made him so successful. I don't think he even runs sub 4.5 now and that is a huge difference. It causes him to cheat a little more and he can be made to look foolish like he did vs. GB in the SB. He is all done. Great player. But he needed a couple of more dominant years to be a shoo in HOF. Now, not so sure. If we had one great corner and a serviceable 2nd CB then he would look so much better but his days of being able to compensate for poor CB play are over.
I like Troy.

That said, I have to agree with most of what Steelfan23 wrote.

Troy can blow up plays, he has an incredible ability to do some amazingly athletic things and he has certainly made more than a few game-changing plays, but I still have no real sense of exactly what his purpose is on the field.

For all his speed and quickness, I think he either overruns a play or misses tackles far more often than most other "slower" safeties in the league. He DOES tend to take bad angles (which contributes to a lot of those missed tackles) and he does take too many risks many of which put him completely out of a play and actually allow an opponent to gain significant yardage.

He's fun to watch, but more in the way that I'd regard watching a juggler or a high-wire act; lots of talent but little practical purpose.
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