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Default Re: Sky still falling?

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
We've been spoiled big time by these past few years.

This Defense, in fact this whole team reminds me of the 2004-2005 Steeler Teams. Competent across the board. Those teams had Defenses, but they were hardly dominant like 2008 and 2010. Those teams have weaknesses of course, but they're competitive in every game. As poorly as the Steelers played in Denver, we forget that the Steelers led at Halftime and going into the 4th Quarter. It's not like we were overmatched from start to finish like last year in Baltimore, Houston, and San Francisco (No Fun being outscored 62-20 in those games).

We've become so accustomed all these years to an underachieving offense and the Defense having to rescue the team from the soup, that we're sketchy to the fact that this team is vastly different now.

This time, the Offense is picking up the slack for the Defense, which has shown since last year to be weakening. The Defense is still competent, but no longer dominant. It's no longer the driving force to our wins, but it's not a liability, even with injuries to Troy and Harrison. Since the Steelers Defense isn't as fantastic as it once was, we assume it's the end of the line, but not really. The Offense has it under control, and it's all thanks to shipping Arians out and bringing Todd Haley in. If Arians stayed on board, this team was just going to decay even more. We could get away with mediocre offensive production because the Defense played out of it's mind, but not anymore. The days of the 2008 Steelers are not coming back.

The days of holding our breath and watching the Defense hold a lead while the Offense stumbles and farts is coming to an end. Steeler Football is coming back.
What he said.
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