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Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Nope...that's not the GOP's problem at all. And it's basic principles, really (none of the social issues crap that federal gov't shouldn't be involved in anyhow). The backbone of it is fiscal responsibility (not pretend fiscal conservatism that slashes some money from one area, only to dump more into another). You could just stop right there on Romney's fake 'severely conservative' stance. He's not...not even close.

For instance, he's quoted as saying bailout programs (auto industry) wasted money, let companies go bankrupt. Then the next year he said that the US didn't bail out Wall St., we prevented financial failure. (Can't recall which article I read that in)

You could honestly find a lot of different answers to what a "real conservative" is...kind of depends on who you ask. But the main binding principle is indeed fiscal responsibility, and limited gov't. None of the major candidates have brought that to the table.
I see. what's the SC stand for?

All generalizations are dangerous.
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