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Default Re: Weekly Fan Predictions

Week 3 predictions (w/analysis):

NY Giants @ Carolina-Could go either way, but I'm picking the Panthers only because: 1)they're at home, and 2)both Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw are out for this game; if not for the injuries, I might go G-Men here.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis-Another meaningless game between 2 teams with perennial top 5 picks in next year's draft, once again, I'm going with the one that's playing at home by default (and who's QB doesn't appear to be struggling as much in the early going).

Buffalo @ Cleveland-Bills proved me wrong last week (actually, make that 2 weeks in a row), get a terrible opponent this week, albeit on the road, I'm going Bills here.

New York Jets @ Miami-Tough game to call between 2 bad teams, but I trust the Jets D to contain the Phins' abysmal offense (who I think overachieved against the laughable Raiders last week, and I know I'm not alone on that) moreso than I trust the Phins to contain Sanchez, Holmes, Hill, and Co. (even at home).

Kansas City @ New Orleans-Saints were in it until the very end in what was a very exciting game at Carolina last week, plus the Chiefs have just been pathetic so far, I predict their skid ends here (I still don't think they'll make the playoffs, though, with all the post-BountyGate turmoil they're dealing with).

Cincinnati @ Washington-With both Carriker and Orakpo out for the season, I'm taking the Bengals here. Those injuries notwithstanding, I might've picked the Skins, but now, I'm tempted to go with Cinci to get the win here.

Detroit @ Tennessee-The Titans are just plain bad, plus the Lions actually made it a game against a very tough Niners team at Candlestick last week.

San Francisco @ Minnesota-There's no question, the Niners will destroy the Vikes here (barring a huge meltdown from San Fran and/or a barrage of injuries to key players).

St. Louis @ Chicago-Bears will bounce back at home after the letdown against the Pack in week 2 at Lambeau.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas-Dallas didn't live up to expectations following the huge week 1 upset at the Meadowlands and just came up flat last week in Seattle, but I think they'll rebound big here (against a squad that got burned for 510 passing yards, also on the road, last week).

Atlanta @ San Diego-Another tough game between 2 2-0 teams, my heart tells me to pick the one playing at home this week, but my head tells me to go with the one that scored their 2 victories playing against significantly tougher competition (@ KC in week 1 and against Peyton and Co. in week 2). Be that as it may, I'm picking the Falcons here, but again, this one's tough to call (SD did win big in their first 2 games, but did so against 2 teams who aren't very good; the Raiders and Titans, respectively).

Philadelphia @ Arizona-The Cards shocked us all after scoring the upset at Foxboro last week, but I'm not sold on them just yet. Plus, the Eagles outplayed a very good Ravens team last week and, if not for the turnover differential, that game wouldn't have been close.

Pittsburgh @ Oakland-Much like the Niners-Vikes, this game's too easy to call. Pittsburgh will destroy the Raiders.

Houston @ Denver-Tough game that could go either way, but taking all the intangibles into consideration going into this game, I'm gonna go ahead and give the Broncos the nod here (and also because I have a TON of road teams getting victories this week, more than I have the home teams winning as a matter of fact, which doesn't seem feasible, so, just to "tip the scale" so to speak, I'll pick them to win here). The Texans have been playing lights out on D the last (or first, depending on how you look at it) couple weeks, but they face a substantially better offense this week (hence the readiness factor), plus the Broncos have that "something to prove" mindset going their way after last Monday's stunning loss at the Georgia Dome (sort of like the Packers, Giants and Steelers after each of their week 1 duds and how they each bounced back from it). Also, it should be worth mentioning that Peyton played like crap through 3 quarters, throwing 3 INTs in just the first half yet almost came from behind and won the game, in a very tough place to win games (Atlanta) and is now playing back at home for week 3. This could come back to bite me in the ass (as well as cost me more valuable points on NFL Weekly Pick 'Em), but I'm going with the Broncos here, but again, very tough game to call and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Houston won.

New England @ Baltimore-Pats* lost to the freakin' Retardinals ( ) at home last week and looked absolutely pathetic in said game, 'nuf sed there. Plus, not only are they going up against a much better offense and QB, on the road this time, but the Ravens are gonna be out for blood after both a dropped game-winner in the end zone and missed chip shot field goal cost them a chance to (potentially) go to the Super Bowl last January. I don't think this game's even gonna be close, TBH, I expect the Ravens to slaughter the Patsies and win by at least 2 scores.
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