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Default Re: For whom to root: the Ravens or the Taperiots?

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I am wondering which team I despise more: the Ravens or the Taperiots.  

I should want the Ravens to lose, because winning the division should come before thinking "beyond" the play-offs (to the SuperBowl).  

BUT, when I ask myself: "Who would I rather see win the SuperBowl?"... well... the thought of Belicheat raising a Lombardi EVER again sickens me.

Ergo... I guess... Go RAVENS!!!  

[Rationale: Get the Taperiots out of the play-offs (or, at least a lower seed), and worry about the Ravens later this season.  If the Steelers beat the Ravens twice, a win for the Ravens now means little towards the Ravens winning the division.  So, again, deal with the Ravens later; the Taperiots need to lose now.  And, YES, I'm rationalizing my "cheering" for the Ravens.]  
My thoughts exactly!
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