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Default I can't believe some of you would root for the Ravens to beat the Patriots.

This thread is inspired by the thread in your Pittsburgh Steelers forum titled: "For whom to root: the Ravens or the Taperiots?"

I don't really post on any team forums (that isn't other than this one. I'm not sure why I bookmarked this forum but I enjoy checking on it, posting, and I try to respect that it's a Steelers fan forum by staying out of the sub-forum dedicated to your favorite team.

And so instead of responding in that thread, which, given my signature and my favorite team, probably would of turned it into a shit-show, I'll say my peace here.

I don't understand how you can despise the Patriots so much that some of you would actually root against us for a division rival that gatorade baths its coach for beating you in your own stadium during a regular season game.

Let me say that i'm as much a homer for my Patriots as any die hard fan is for there team. When we lost to Arizona last week it felt like a post-season loss. It shouldn't of, they aren't in our division, they aren't in the AFC, and it doesn't really matter, but I ****ing hate to lose. My Sunday's live and die with the Patriots on the field.

Yes, outsiders may see us as smug, cocky, even arrogant. The Patriots walk softly and carry a big stick. That's how they role. If you want a media circus, look to New York.

Yes, many Patriot fans are smug, cocky and arrogant. You created us. We were pretty humble in 2001 when we were under dogs. It wasn't until the entire league and all their fans forced an `us against the world` mentality on New England that we changed and so you can blame yourselves for that. Now we make rival fanbases pay when we win, and when we blow them out, we'll rub that in their spiteful little faces.

Yes, outsiders may see in Belichick at press conferences a condescending ass. We see a man who in saying little says a lot, giving the middle finger to our enemies, sarcastically praising them and then destroying them by 45 points on the field. We love him for it. You hate him for it. Understandable.

Yes, we'll happily humiliate a team, we'll happily bury their pride whenever possible. We'll play as hard in the 4th with a 40 point lead as we do in the 1st when the score is 0-0. We bask in it. Go ahead, mention "Spygate," mother #&@^#* - the score is 45 to 0 and it's still the 3rd quarter. Cry a little more. We won't say a word. We'll just make you feel it.

All of these things represent elements of what we've come to know as "The Patriot Way." It doesn't surprise me division rivals or conference rivals and fans all around the country hate us for it. To you we make a great villain. To us we make a great hero. It's all a matter of perspective.

But let me share a few things we don't do:

We don't try to win our football games by injuring great football players on rival football teams. Our line backers don't dive at your quarterbacks knees because if he gets taken out for the season it'll pad our path through the post season 2 months later. They don't try to go helmet to unprotected head on a running back whose helmet came off during the play 2 yards behind the tackle. We don't throw your tight end in a figure-four leg lock after a tackle and twist his leg so he might have to leave for the game. We don't try and break your quarterbacks back after a play is clearly over if he dives over the pile for a touchdown on a goal line stand.

And our fans don't say "Hopefully Roethlisberger gets hurt" because it might make life easier for us.

The Patriots don't do any of this shit. Like them or not, the Patriots play football.

The Ravens are a piece of shit football team, period.

I used to hate the Steelers. We used to play each other a lot more often than we have lately. I don't hate the Steelers anymore, I only hate losing to the Steelers.
I respect your team. I respect the character of your team, because the character of your team is a significant element of the character of the NFL.

When the Patriots play the Steelers its game face night in New England. It's a $&#^ing football game. Whether you're coming to our house or we're going to yours, big game, prime time football is in the air and I get loud, even if i'm watching it by myself.

But when we play the Ravens, I'm not enjoying a great football game, i'm spending 4 quarters worrying one of their piece of shit players is going to break Brady's knee, twist up Gronk's ankle, or put our defenseless running back in a coma. I don't respect the Ravens. I #&$ing hate them. Not because they're a rival (they haven't beaten us enough to earn rival status), but because they're rotten, dirty, lowly and pathetic. They're the bad seed of the NFL, a team better suited for prison yard football than the big leagues, no matter how talented or untalented they may be.

We all have our colors and we all have our beefs, but if the fan bases of the AFC contenders can ever agree on anything, it should be...

$&#^ the Ravens!
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