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Default Re: I can't believe some of you would root for the Ravens to beat the Patriots.

And don't get your hopes up about the Patriots "reeling" after last week.
If anyone thinks the Patriots are `reeling` they don't know the Patriots and they don't know Belichick as well as they think they do.

The Patriot offense is making a transition this season into something new. It takes time to implement and Belichick will make sure it is implemented by the post season. Belichick is all about getting the Patriots in shape to win play off games, not to beat the Cardinals and get a gatorade shower in week #2.

We could have started going to Welker the entire game last week and won. We could have went back to what we know we can do. We didn't because we will make this offensive transition with our two TE's, Lloyd ont he sideline and deep ball stretching the field and a running game to ram down the throat of defenses, and we will do it come hell or high water for post-Thanksgiving football.

You don't successfully transform into a new and superior offense by abandoning it in the early season if it isn't coming together immediately in a game that doesn't matter.
Belichick has a long history of treating regular season games and opponents like a pre season exhibition.

Arizona beat the Patriots because nothing was on the line.

We lost two in a row last season (for the first time ever?) and then won 13 straight and went to the Superbowl.

Fans wishfully thinking the Arizona loss is a sign of things to come are going to be in for a serious disappointment, including the ratbirds, whether it be this sunday, the play offs, or both.
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