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Default Re: I can't believe some of you would root for the Ravens to beat the Patriots.

I think Arizona is definitely under the radar. I think they have a fantastic front seven and in some ways it had all the elements of a classic trap game.

But being deeply rooted in Patriot football, I read and soak up every little detail about them, and know that they are attempting to seriously redefine their offense this season under McDaniels and turn it into a completely different beast, further evolving the double tight end attack and complimenting it with a deep threat and a very strong running game.

When we reverted back to our bread and butter (Air-Brady) in the final minutes of the game we moved the ball on Arizona at will.

Not saying that we let Arizona win because we definitely didn't, but the Patriots are experimenting right now with a new look for its offense and Belichick isn't the type of coach to just freak out if we're down a score or two and throw his entire plans for the season out the window.

It's a lot of fun to watch Brady throw for 400 yards a game with 4 or 5 touchdown passes but the problem with this is that by the time we reach the post season he's all beat up from all the hits. His elbow was injured last year, then his shoulder which was reinjured during the Superbowl. It's flashy and it could win Superbowls but it unfortunately hasn't. We need long sustained drives Ridley can give us, with the threat of a long Brady-bomb down the sidelines that opens up the 10~20 yard passes to our TE's and Welker down the center. That's our new look it just hasn't all come together yet. Saw flashes of it against the Titans. Hoping we see it improved against the Rats.
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