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Default Re: I can't believe some of you would root for the Ravens to beat the Patriots.

For the most part, losses in the first few weeks of the season should never be used to predict a teams season or even the next game. Many teams are still working out kinks.

As to the Pats loss last week, it's a common trend for east coast teams to have trouble playing west coast games. So both of those factors together makes me not read too much into that loss.

I for one am hoping the Pats destroy the Ravens. I always hope the Ravens get destroyed. Last years playoff game between the two was hard to watch, because I honestly don't like either team...but I was definitely rooting against the Ravens then too.

I've got an intense dislike for the Pats, but I'd never root for the Ravens over any team. Ever. I can respect both teams as opponents, and always wish for the Steelers to beat the shit out of both of them, but only one is a division rival.

Bottom line, I'm just as confused as you are over why any Steelers fan would root for the Pats over Ravens. Especially when you factor in we have our own early season game coming up in a west coast game. A Ravens loss is always a good thing, but the Steelers may need it to stay even or on top of the Ravens in the standings.
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