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Default Re: For whom to root: the Ravens or the Taperiots?

I have been thinking about this.

1. 2001 & 2004 are still to fresh in my mind. I have only miseed one SuperBowl since I was born, and that was the 2004 SuperBowl. I was so certain that BB would win it as a rookie... until the Taperiots... ugh. I could not bear to watch that game.

And, in 2001, the Steelers had a few odd snafus. Painful... because, that was a great defense.

I hate the Taperiots!!! I can still hear them taunting BB after the game... I can still see Deion Branch stomping on the hypocycloids in the middle of the field... I can still hear their CBs saying that they could "show" the Steelers their rings.

I hate them.

2. The turds idea sounds perfect.

2-a. So does a tie.

3. I have given it some thought, and we are Steelers fans. Merely "making the play-offs" is not good enough (we are not Chargers fans!!!). SuperBowls... PERIOD.

Thus, the best road to the SuperBowl brings Brady to PITT. The Taperiots losing as many games as possible, helps in this endeavor.

A loss by the Ravens helps the Steelers win the division.
A loss by the Taperiots helps the Steelers get home field.

I know, i know: if the Steelers don't win the division, there is no way that they can get home field. TRUE. But, since the Steelers have two more games against the Ravens, the Steelers can handle that business themselves (whereas, they have NO games, in the regular season, against the Taperiots).

Simply, if the Steelers can't beat the Ravens in those games, then the Steelers do not deserve the division.

Beat who's on the schedule, and the Steelers will control their destiny (as well as eliminate the Ravens & Bengals). But, since the Steelers do not play the Taperiots, the Steelers need the Taperiots to lose as many games as possible. Ergo, Go Ravens!!!
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