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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
I do not think they suck like Ike, but I do think we are watsing money for them to play a half season. Each season its a different reason. Right now its 20million riding th ebench.

Harrisons knee shouldve been dealt with long ago and the FO waited and delayed and let th eplayer call the shots. Thats BS

As far as troy goes, watch him in warmups, there is no warming up prior togames, he tosses a football around, rarely stretches, rarely runs with the team. I"m not sayingthis is good or bad,I'm just bringing up the fact that there is no visible running or stretching prior to a game. Yet always is pulling something,
agreed. We'll never even get close to that dollar-figure out of either one of them again. At some point, both team and fans have to admit the obvious, and start moving forward.
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