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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post

The thing I don't get about Steeler fans in general (and I've been one for 40 years) is the reverence displayed for three people: Chuck Noll, Dick LeBeau and now Troy Polamalu.
How many head coaches won 4 Super Bowls?

How many championships (hell - how many division titles) did the Steelers win before Noll arrived? Before Noll arrived the Pirates were the team in Pittsburgh - that changed for good 40 years ago

I know you may say Noll only won anything when he had great talent - but lots of coaches with great talent (Landry and Madden are 2 examples from Noll's era) did not consistently win Super Bowls

There was this quote about the great Yankees manager Casey Stengel

Critics who denigrate him as a manager like to point out that of the four major league teams he ran, three never finished higher than fifth, and one of those never higher than 10th. It doesn't matter. There is a story about a fine poker player who described a better poker player by saying, "When I have the cards, I clean the table. When he has them, he cleans the room." When Stengel had the players, and the resources to get more, he cleaned the room.

When Chuck Noll had the players he cleaned the room - hope that answers your question as to why Noll is revered, if the name of the man who was Steelers coach the year they rose to power and you apparently became a fan does not
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