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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Once again, I'm not saying that Troy has not done some special things or that he hasn't had an impact on the way the game is played.

All I'm saying is that -- In My Opinion -- he hasn't done anything SO special that he deserves a spot on Mount Rushmore.

The thing I don't get about Steeler fans in general (and I've been one for 40 years) is the reverence displayed for three people: Chuck Noll, Dick LeBeau and now Troy Polamalu.
I don't understand why they seem to be regarded as some sort of Supernatural beings.

Yes, they all deserve accolades and they all deserve to be in the Hall of Fame -- but none deserve sainthood. They're just people who are good at what they do but none are "gifts" to football or to humanity and the idea of putting them on pedestals drives me crazy. It's as if this game wouldn't exist if the three of them didn't.

You know, there's a fine line between "fan" and "Fanatic".
Good thing that neither of us is a "fanatic."  

Good thing that neither of us thinks that football wouldn't exist without Troy.  

Good thing that neither of us thinks that football players are essential to the advancement of humanity.  

Good thing that neither of us think that Troy is a saint and/or a supernatural being.

With those hyperboles out of the way, I ask again:  
Could one not say that his "shininess" actually made him exceptional?  
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