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Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
the 47 percent will just keep growing. Its too bad these candidates can't speak their mind honestly without being judged a racist or elitist. They both, all politicians for that matter, hide behind facades. The truth is under Obama, people who rely on government help, no not social security but other forms is a record high. Obama is probably proud of that stat although he wouldn't admit it but those are guaranteed votes. Sad sad sad mentality of this country. People don't feel shamed standing on the corner asking for handouts, at least put a squeegee and some soap in your hand.
the truth is under romney are a bunch of supporters who dont mind standing on their soapbox in internetz forums and message boards being racist or elitist.

sad, sad, sad, mentality of this country.

i notice you didnt mention all the corporations and wall street investors who rely on govt help.

maybe if we establish and EVEN STRONGER foothold in the middle east, oil prices will "trickle" down" for all the 47% ers.

or will oil profits keep on rising as well?
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