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Talking Re: The Romney Tape

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
hardly BS. When W was president there were 20 million americans on foodstamps. Now there are 40 plus million. Facts are those people will be voting for the handout king. Then their kids will be molded into the concept of government takes care of us. Welfare perpetuates crime, drugs, prostitution and homicides. Now I personally could care less if these people did drugs, killed each other and lived in the streets as long as they left me and my family alone and I didn't have to pay the bill. Unfortunately thats not the case.
You have an incredibly misguided view on people who are on welfare. Are there people who abuse it? Of course, but your description is straight up FoxNews/Rush propaganda. In fact, there's a good number of people on some type of assistance who actually pay federal income taxes (I was one of them for a time), and (as far as I know) most states have work requirements...despite the lie that Obama did away with those.

The 47% isn't about people on foodstamps's about people who don't pay federal income taxes...and the majority of those people are either low income, will be future tax payers, or have paid into their benefits.
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