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Default Re: The Romney Tape

i wonder how many of those welfare recipients are on welfare because the mittster sent their jobs to china ?

here's 170 more future welfare cases...

Bain Capital Partners, private equity firm founded by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is shipping 170 U.S. factory jobs to China
Workers at Sensata Technologies plant in Freeport, Ill., have to train their Chinese replacements

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he’s not the outsourcer-in-chief, but the private equity firm he founded is shipping 170 U.S. factory jobs to China in November.

Adding insult to injury, workers at the Sensata Technologies plant in Freeport, Ill., have to train their Chinese replacements.

“This is a business that makes a lot of profit,” Tom Gualrapp, a 33-year worker who was pink-slipped after Labor Day, told Democracy Now on Thursday. ( shut up tom you non taxpaying , freeloading scumbag ... )

“The Chinese government is providing them with a plant and a cheaper work force,” he said. “A dollar seems to be more important to them than any community responsibility.”

Workers have pleaded with Romney to save their jobs and presented a petition to Bain Capital Partners, which has owned the plant since 2006. But so far, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

A Romney spokesman did not respond to an email asking whether the candidate plans to intercede on behalf of the workers.

But the timing of the Sensata layoffs couldn’t come at a worse time for Romney, whose campaign has been reeling after he was secretly recorded dismissing 47% of the country as freeloaders dependent on government handouts.

Romney has said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he hasn’t made any management decisions at Bain since he retired as CEO in 1999.

Critics, however, say Bain has made a mint closing down U.S. factories and shipping good-paying jobs abroad — and that Romney continues to get a share of the company’s profits.

“Not only is Bain taking away these workers’ incomes and livelihoods, the company is forcing them to train their replacements from China,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said earlier. “That’s outrageous.”

On Wednesday, Gualrapp and other Sensata workers hounded their local congressman — Republican Rep. Bobby Schilling — at a town hall meeting and demanded to know if he would support a bill that would punish outsourcers.

Schilling fled the room and left his flack to say no. But in July, Schilling asked the CEO of Sensata, which makes sensors and controls for car companies like Ford and General Motors, to reconsider moving the production plant to China.

In the meantime, Sensata workers have set up a “Bainport” encampment outside the doomed factory to protest the closing of the plant. The newest edition to camp is a Dumpster bearing a sign that reads, “Romney Trashes American Jobs.”

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