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Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
You have an incredibly misguided view on people who are on welfare. Are there people who abuse it? Of course, but your description is straight up FoxNews/Rush propaganda. In fact, there's a good number of people on some type of assistance who actually pay federal income taxes (I was one of them for a time), and (as far as I know) most states have work requirements...despite the lie that Obama did away with those.

The 47% isn't about people on foodstamps's about people who don't pay federal income taxes...and the majority of those people are either low income, will be future tax payers, or have paid into their benefits.
It would hardly be misguided when I see the abuse on a daily basis. I work in the 911 system so I am in a lot of these peoples homes. I see 50 inch tv's and cars with 24 inch rims with 5 kids sleeping on the floor and these people hanging out drinking 40 ouncers all day. Sure there are people who deserve foot stamps and welfare, but I see plenty who come from Eastern Europe who get free stuff including healthcare and don't even try to get a job let alone learn our language. Its all about perspective, when I lose 15 percent of income and will be taxed on my healthcare under Obama its hard to swallow when I see all the freeloaders he caters too. Sure Romney is wealthy but he earned it and should hardly be penalized.
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