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Default Re: Should Dwyer Start Ove Redman????

Running backs need holes, and holes are created by offensive lines. And we still don't have one of those.

The Tomlin quote is annoying, to say the least - especially with his "above the line" crap. Why not call out the OL, Mike? Because it would do no good, and everybody knows it. Those guys are doing their best, but most of them don't belong on an NFL line.

So let's all just pretend that one of the backs will be the silver bullet while we wait for DD, and hope that Adams progresses.

In the meantime, maybe Colon can help out by learning the snap count and practicing pulling this week. Maybe Gilbert can try to remember what he figured out as a rookie. Maybe Foster could decide to get tough.

God, Max Starks might be our second best lineman right now. Unreal.
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