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Default Re: Time to stick a fork in Polamalu and Harrison

One draft mistake cost us from winning a superbowl or 2 in the 80's (not drafting Marino) That said , I don't think we will see the issues of keeping players too long in todays NFL, the reality of the salary cap make that virtually impossible. I think James will be gone after this year, money is needed to resign our WR's and since the NFL is more about Offense now thats where the money will be spent IMO. I think Troy wil get one more year after this one. But even Troy knows he may be nearing the end and I can actually see him retiring within the next couple of years.
As for Saint Lebeau, I have a feeling this will be it for him. Nothing concrete to go on, but I watch his chats with reporters on, he looks tired and I think (just a guess mind you) he realizes Butler may be just what the Steelers D needs to infuse new enthusiasm. Just one guys opinion.
As far as being revered....they damn well should be ..LeBeau, Noll, Polamalu (for todays younger fans who didn't see the great players of the 70's) are all great Steelers. So are a host of others could name but we all know who they are.
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