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Default Re: For whom to root: the Ravens or the Taperiots?

Originally Posted by SteelerFanStuckInBaltimor View Post
As an outspoken Steeler fan living in Baltimore, I'll choose New England every time. I hope the Patriots* crush them. It's a wonderful weekend when the Steelers win and the Ravens lose - I just walk around my workplace, smiling lol. Plus, as Galax said, we need the Rats to lose, to help us in our division. We can always knock the Pats* out later.
I will second this whole heartedly. I live in the exact same situation and when the Ravens lose here in Baltimore, its a great Monday to be a Steeler fan. The moping and blaming of officials/Cam/Flacco/weather, never ceases to cause me joy.

Of course we need to win to make that happen. Lets go Steelers!
Win, Lose, or Tie, I'm a Steeler fan until I DIE!!!!
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