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Default Ron Cook - Steelers Offense Looks The Same

Having lost his battle to keep his source Bruce Arians around, Ron Cook of The P-G claims the offense has not really changed.

Is it just me or does the Steelers offense under Todd Haley look very much like it did when Bruce Arians was calling the plays?

Ben Roethlisberger takes the snap and drops back to pass ... Roethlisberger escapes pressure by stepping up in the pocket or rolling to his right or to his left ... Roethlisberger looks downfield ... he looks, he looks ... just when it seems as if there's no way he can make a play, Roethlisberger completes a pass for a first down.

Great logic Ron - Ben was the QB when Arians was the OC, Ben is the QB when Haley is the OC, ergo the offense looks the same.

Makes sense assuming you have not watched the last 2 games

Of course no Cook column would be complete without Ben throwing some chum in the water

It turns out Haley and Roethlisberger have played nice.

For the most part, anyway.

"We had one little incident," Roethlisberger said.

It happened during the Denver game Sept. 9 when the Steelers were beaten, 31-19.

"I walked away. I'll leave it at that. I walked away" Roethlisberger said.

Ben cannot help himself and just give a robotic "everything is perfect" reponse to these sorts of matters

IMO he does not intend to stir the pot, he just does it with his interview style - I am grateful to have Ben as the Steelers QB and accept he will constantly take a jab about something when he is interviewed - small enough price to pay for having a franchise QB
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