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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

Today's game was the most pitiful effort I have seen from the Steelers since the 60s. This defense must just cannot compete in the NFL. As much as I like Lebeau, it is time for him to go. His time is past. There is no defensive imagination anymore, they can't stop anybody.

I am tired of the Steelers defense giving up play after play, allowing mediocre teams (it could be said that the Steelers themselves are mediocre) to play them toe to many times are the Steelers coaches going to tolerate the defense giving up the winning score in the last minute?

The running game is a laughing stock. The offensive line is horrible. There is no defensive rush. The defensive backs play 5-9 yards off the receiver (automatically allowing the receiver to be "open"). Wallace and Brown can't seem to hold on to the ball......they cost two scores today due to their fumbles.

This team is bad. It's gonna be a long, long season. Hey, at least they won't lose next week.
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