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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Raw Steel View Post
I love how all of the sudden LeBeau has forgotten how to coach. This is about personnel people. Eventually, you knew the guys who made the defense what it was for a decade were going to leave. Well, we have not replaced them with people as good. Maybe that's impossible. It sure is hard. But don't discount how good Farrior, A.Smith and even the guys who are still there that are a shell of their former selves. Face it. We were spoiled. It's a new era of Steelers football defensively and it doesn't look good.
This is on the whole F.O. from Rooney's on down. First off, to hire Tomlin who is just a figurehead let's be honest. He inherited a HOF D coordinator, franchise QB, and lucked out playing one of the weaker teams in the SB (ARI) and he wins so he is applauded as if he had anything to do with it. His game management, player development, and x and o's are just bad. The fact that this guy is supposed to know DBs and secondary players yet has failed to draft or develop a single good DB is proof enough.

Then there is Colbert who I think is great and has had some bad luck. I am assuming he has a lot of input on the players chosen from Lebeau and Tomlin which is why imho some of those picks haven't been so good especially LB and secondary, but he got very unlucky this year with injuries. He is the least at fault. Lebeau gets as much blame as Tomlin as he plain and simple...fails to change his approach in today's passing game. Yeah I get that he doesn't put the players out there, he just coaches, but he is doing a really awful job of it. I bet anything he is done after this year.

Ben gets some blame (see my other posts that you all seem to hate so much) as he is overrated as they come. Point being, look at today's fourth quarter. He got outplayed by Palmer of all people. Sure he got a lot of yards and TDs and that's great and all but it was against an even worse D than ours. But...when he really needed to step up he failed again. He has made a habit of failing to be effective in 4th quarters ever since SB loss vs. GB. That's why I reiterate, while he has name recognition and value still, you need to trade him and we need to do a system reboot. This team is bad. We won't make the playoffs and that won't change any time soon. I would rather suck for a year or two and make another decade long run than be mediocre for the next 5 years, and THEN be forced to do a reboot. Flame away boys!!
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