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Default Re: DICK LEBEAU MUST GO!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
in defense of our pass defense, Palmer had too long to throw, and he made some really good throws, and the Raiders recievers were making some good catches. just sayin'.

the defense was still pretty lousy today.
pass rush is a huge part of defending against the pass, the few times I saw any sort of pressure, Palmer was able to release quick enough which falls back on the secondary needing to cover long enough for the pass rush to get to the QB

no matter how we spin it, our defense was terrible

the only thing going in support of our D was how they were asked to bail out our offense from turning the ball over twice and our special teams from giving up a huge kick return.

A game that might have been a ~14-21 point victory can quickly turn into a 3 point loss that way, especially on the road.

That being said, we can't expect the offense to play absolutely perfect every game either, something that needed to happen today but didn't. Of which other than Ben and our OL doing better than average in pass protection, our O didn't do all that well either. The ball hit the ground 4 times, and was lost twice. And for the 3rd straight game we had a pretty dismal running attack.

The other huge x-factor was penalties, penalties and/or turnovers: eliminate one of those areas we lost big in and we win, eliminate both and we would have dominated, even with our terrible defensive performance.
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