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Default Re: On the plus side...for people who don't want to mope around.

Originally Posted by Lord of Lombardi View Post
Look at it this way. There are 2-3 Elite teams in the NFL and we are not one of them. We are a .500 team and 0-2 on the road. It is what it is. The best news in sports is that we do not suck as bad as the Pirates and we have not given up so pathetically. WR's lost this game. Yes D sucks but we can't keep fumbling as we see it catches up with us. Brown changed the momentum completely.
look at it this way, who are those 2-3 elite teams?

The Texans? Cardinals? Falcons?

Of those three I would really only consider the Texans and Falcons as a legitimate threat, however at the same time they don't exactly have the experience under their belt to know how to deal with the success (both have looked really good in past regular season only to fall really hard on their face)

At any rate, those are the only teams yet undefeated, with all of the traditional favorites having already had an embarrassing loss or 2.

This really seems to be a year of pretty high parity thus far.
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